Zero G LorrieYBFit – Multi-Sport Coaching

  • Are you a time crunched triathlete or other multi-sport athlete who is trying to juggle career, family, daily responsibilities, training, etc?
  • Do you feel that you are training but not improving?
  • Do you struggle with time management both with daily activities and training?
  • Are you looking for quality workouts that get you the most bangs for your time?
  •  Do you want to train efficiently and effectively to improve your performances at races?

My focus is on helping athletes meet their training and racing goals to maximize their potential.  Whether you are a beginner, seasoned athlete or just need a reason to get off the couch I offer training programs for all levels to enhance your fitness and race performances.  When you cross the finish line you will experience the feeling of accomplishing something special.  Congratulations for taking the challenge!

  • Initial consultation    (either in person or phone)
  • Customized Training Plans – meet your training and racing goals
  • Follow up consultations – e-mail & phone to discuss training and racing and answer questions
  • Detailed Training Plan – daily workouts and explanations
  • Modifications to training schedule when necessary
  • Racing Strategies
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Individual or Group Programs available

Sports Nutrition

  • Nutrition can be the most ignored or missing piece of an athlete’s training plans. Proper nutrition and nutrient timing can be the key to successful racing.  It will lead to peak performances, better recovery, weight management and overall health with a strong immune system. 
  • Just as your training plan should be personalized so should your nutrition plan to best support your training and racing.   A nutrition plan also helps to prevent weight fluctuations so you can race at your ideal weight.